In short, yes, you can. But, for the best results, you should have an SEO company write your website’s content. 

Writing for SEO purposes involves more than a knowledge of your product/service and a great writing ability. You also need to conduct extensive keyword research and focus on driving high conversion rates.

Keywords: Before beginning an SEO project, SEO specialists use advanced SEO software to determine the keywords that will yield the best search results. Then, the SEO writer will incorporate those keywords organically to expose the keywords to search engines. Randomly inserting keywords throughout your website will harm, not help, your SEO efforts.

Conversion Rates: Your website’s design and content are highly related. Both the design and the content should be created with conversion rates in mind. Your website’s conversion rate is the percentage of customers who navigate to a page, and fill out a form or complete a transaction before leaving.

While you may think that your knowledge of your business makes you the best candidate to write your content, an SEO expert’s knowledge of internet marketing will yield better content. The staff at Logic Web Media can convert your ideas into useful, profit-driven content.