We offer SEO services on a monthly basis. There is no basic cost for SEO services. Instead, we charge these clients each month that they receive SEO services. 

Depending upon your company’s goals, the ultimate cost of SEO may be different. Also, depending on the competition for your target keywords, the cost will be different.

Since SEO is a process over time, the cost of the services are likely to decrease as the results are improving and the ranking difficulty increases.

For instance, if you have a brand new website and would like to be visible in Google search, your cost may be higher for the first year. Once the site is optimized aggressively and you are seeing results, we will reassess your fee and will reduce it drastically, since it will start taking less work to keep your rankings. 

Fees are always negotiable at Logic Web Media. We will suggest to you the best way to get the best results. However, some choose to pay a lower payment over a greater amount of time, with the understanding that the results may not yield as they would a higher payment.